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the wines

We release our wines twice a year - Chardonnay in the spring and Pinot Noir in the fall.  Due to their limited production, customers find that the best way to secure an allocation of these wines is to join our Private Mailing List.

2007 Pinot Noir, Laguna Ridge, Sonoma Coast

2007 Chardonnay, Charles Heintz Vineyard

2006 Late Harvest Chardonnay, Charles Heintz Vineyard

The cornerstone to every great wine is its origin - the vineyard where it was grown. This alone is the single most determinant factor of a wine's quality.

In evaluating a vineyard we consider three things:  the quality of the vineyard site, the owner's long-term commitment to excellence and the skill and dedication of the vineyard manager.

Ultimately, our goal is to produce small lots of richly complex, flavorful wines for you to share in celebrating life's precious moments with friends and loved ones

Pinot Clone #115