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welcome to baton wines

At Baton Wines we team with small, dedicated growers who farm cool-climate vineyard sites capable of producing exceptional quality winegrapes.  Cool sites have long growing seasons, often 2 to 3 weeks longer than normal. While this heightens the risk of fall rains, it fosters greater flavor development and preserves the grapes' natural acidity.  Our search for cool sites limits us to areas with significant coastal influence and high mountain elevations.  


Why the name - Baton?

The word 'Baton' is found in languages across the world.  In the wine world, 'Baton' refers to a simple hand tool traditionally used in high quality winemaking.  Our 'Baton' logo was inspired by the teamwork inherent in the act of passing the baton in a relay race and the beauty of the musical blend of elements directed by a symphony baton.  Just as our growers work together and entrust their grapes to us; we strive to craft and deliver the highest quality wines to you.